Oops Festival





16th-18th November


20.00 Performance: Splastic by Daily Fiction

21.15 Artist Talk w. Tora Balslev and Cath Borch Jensen

22.00 Drinks and Oops lounge


12.00 Exhibition opening: krop umulig

Cartoons by artist and activist Sarah Glerup

12.00 Experiment: Rube goldberg machine

12.00 Experience: Study room

12.30 Talk: Body Discipline & the Exhausted Anxious Self

-by philosopher Thomas Burø

16.45 Talk: Fat, Fat, Fat - Fatness as otherness in the history of Western culture

by speaker Dina Amlund

18.45 Performance: Terrible Sex Tips

by Cameryn Moore

20.00 Concert: Speak-easy jazz with Nola Jazz Band

21.15 Stand up show: Gender Euphoria

by Jamie MacDonald

Drinks and Oops lounge


11.30 Exhibition: krop umulig

Cartoons by artist and activist Sarah Glerup

11.30 Experience: Study room

12.00 Experiment: Rube goldberg machine

12.00 Talk: Soft machine - vulnerability and discipline in the athletic body

by athlete Frix Rode

13.00 Film screening: FETISH

by Topher Campbell

13.30 Q&A with artist and activist Topher Campbell

14.45 Talk: What kept me going

by Helle Harnisch

15.45 Performance Reading: from This is from Her

by Sofie Lebech 

16.45 Performance: Our Other Body

by Boaz Barkan

17.45 Event: Launch of the Oops 18 Rube Goldberg Machine

18.00 Oops sings with Thomas Vigild 





Daily Fiction by Tora Balslev - Dance performance

"You're dancing my dance." This was the reaction from the spastic Cath, when she first saw a choreography by Tora Balslev.

Tora Balslev works with transformations that changes the body to something completely different than a normal body. In SPLASTIC the two women performs a synchronized dance where Tora translates Caths movements to her own body. In the doubling the perspective shifts and a new order comes into being where Cath becomes the essence in the new structure.

Jamie square.jpg

Gender Euphoria

Jamie MacDonald - Stand-up
Picture by Mira Eskelinen

Gender Euphoria is James Lorien MacDonald's second solo stand-up show, and this time he's taking on as many aspects of gender as will fit in his chaotic, mesmerising brain. These are not the dick jokes you're used to. To begin with, he's a transgender, gay immigrant in Finland. From the joys of fake-it-til-you-make-it masculinity, to the things you can (or should never) do with a detachable penis, expect a load of stories so hilarious they simply must be true.

NOLA LOVE Morten 1.jpg

New Orleans Vibes

NOLA LOVE - Concert

One of the genre’s most swinging rhythm groups, with an experienced and well-oiled horn section that mirrors the power and passion that we know from New Orlean’s funky brassbands.

NOLA LOVE brings the prohibition era to life in the Oops Speakeasy and reminds us of the American historic f*ck up that the prohibition concept was.

Boaz 1.jpg

Our Other Body

Boaz Barkan - performance

Our Other Body examines internalized racism, the effects of racism on our body and the way identity inhabits the body.

In the performance Barkan explores how these forces are embodied in us and uses a living naked corpse as a theater for an intimate, playful and sincere discourse about these critical influences in our life. It is a performative anatomical description of a hidden organ, an organ which stores racist ideas and influences the function and image of our own body.

Moore 5.jpg

Terrible Sex Tips: Live & Uncut

Cameryn Moore - performance
Directed by Sameena Zehra

Slut-shaming. Capitalism. Substandard dildos. It's all on the table for the sex-ed storytelling show of the century. From unexpected undies to outdoor shenanigans, join Cameryn as she explores the construction of desire and why we need to knock that shit down and start from scratch

Frix 1 hori.jpg

Soft machine - vulnerability and discipline in the athletic body

Talk - Frix Rode
Picture by Anja Wettergren

What happens when you try for your dream but do not succeed? Are mistakes something you learn from? And do they have to be?
Frix Rode explores failure through the athletic body’s exertions, discipline and conditions. How do failure play into athletic situations, where the body’s success or failure is so visible and measurable? Insight into the conditions of the athletic body might help us reconsider our views on failure and mistakes in other contexts, where the body is also scrutinized.

topher 1 H.jpg


Topher Campbell – movie screening + Q&A

Naked on the streets of New York, writer, director and performer Dr. Topher Campbell walks in protest of the Black men over represented in the prison population globally. FETISH explores the male Black body as perceived in society.

Sarah 1 hori.jpg

Krop Umulig

Sarah Glerup – art exhibition

The so-called medical model of disability is used to understand how disability, such as muscular dystrophy, is a perceived as a mistake in the body-machine, a glitch in the genes, that had unexpected consequences for the body. I don’t see it that way. For me disability is something that happens in the cross-section between bodies and the environment they inhabit, when those to things do not work in harmony. That means what is seen as a disability in one context isn’t necessarily one in another context. In some contexts, it can even be the case that what doctors would classify as a mistake can become an advantage.

Sofie 1 H.jpg

This Is For Her

Sofie Lebech – performance reading

This is for her is about torture and therapy. On stage are two women. A victim and a perpetrator. A patient and a therapist. Torture and therapy is for two. There is always another person. Torture is about destroying the trust in other people. It only takes a moment, but it takes a lifetime to get back to the everyday again.

Dina prøve 1.jpg

Fat Fat Fat

Dina Amlund - Talk

We are all taught that in “the olden days”, it was completely accepted, celebrated even, to be fat. In times when food was scarce and most people had to work hard in the fields, fatness was considered a sign of wealth and everyone strived to be fatter.
Wrong! Fatphobia is a structure in Western culture as old as western culture itself.
In this talk I’ll expose examples of fatphobia in art, literature, fashion and caricatures to show you that the West has always hated fat bodies with slightly various arguments to justify their hatred.

Rube Goldberg experiment

Throughout the festival a dedicated team of game designers have been constructing a Rube Goldberg Machine. At the end of our time together it will be launched for the very first time. Will it all come together or will it fail? No matter what it will be the perfect Oops Machine!

Thomas Vigild 1 H.jpg

Thomas Vigild

Picture by Mathias Ambus

Thomas will put us in proper Sunday lounge mood by performing a bunch of songs about failing on his piano. We might have to fail together and sing-a-long to some of them too. This will be our farewell to Oops 2018.

Helle 1.jpg

What kept me going

Helle Harnisch – Talk

Based on her fieldwork among youth and adults formerly associated with the armed force, The Lord's Resistance Army, in northern Uganda, PhD in Educational Psychology Helle Harnisch invites you into a room of reflection about trauma and resilience in a context, where poverty, and lethal violent fights for survival were and are part of growing up. Bringing her own position as a white privileged European female into this reflective room, Helle Harnisch will reflect out loud on what was learned during her research in northern Uganda and later, when back home in Denmark.

study room 1.png

Study Room

Explore a collection of papers, books, videos and podcasts that address the theme of Bodies and fails.

Burø1 H.jpg

Body Discipline & the Exhausted Anxious Self

Thomas Burø - Talk
Photo by Nina Larissa Bassett

In the beginning of the 21st century the lean, fit and strong body has become a culturally dominant ideal that many strive and fail to embody. In this lecture I explore the fitness regime as an expression of an anxious self, exhausted from living in a society saturated with risk management, performance culture and economic uncertainty.